Multi Sejahtera Garment (“Multi Sejahtera” or “the Company”) was established on 14 April 2000, in West Java to supplying material to garment for the export market and local market, servicing clients in Indonesia. Located in an underveloped industrial area in the south of Bandung, Est Java, The Company began operations with only 20 employees.


In 2003, Multi Sejahtera implemented a strategic shift that enabled the Company to build production division to provide the demand of market in 2004 to facing election in Indonesia. During the year, Multi Sejahtera relocated its factory to its current site. Between 2005 and mid 2008, the Company underwent its most sgnificant growth, thus defining present-day operations: Multi Sejahtera acquired additional land, introduced new range of apparels, and extended production capabilities to accommodated the climate of dynamic change.


Today, at the fully owned production facility, Multi Sejahtera comprises 300 employees, 200 machines, 4 big scale printing machine and a production capacity of 1 million pieces per month. The first in Indonesia to specialize in election campaign attributes, the Company consistently commands 50% share of the Indonesian T-Shirt Campaign. With consumption averages of 2.000 tons of knit and 1 million yards of woven fabics per annum, Multi Sejahtera continues to cater to an expanding client for facing election in 2009.